Dear Merchiston Old Boys

I trust this mail finds you in good health.

I find that more and more folk are asking me if I have retired …. simply put, no not yet! Mandatory retirement age from the Department of Education is 65 and I am 63 (24 paydays to go)! If all goes according to plan, I ‘leave’ Merchiston at the end of April 2020. I am busy preparing a plan for the Board whereby I would offer my services to the school for a further period of time after my official retirement and in a different capacity.

There is much to do before this happens and I, and my management team and the School’s Governing Body, are working towards our succession plan and future-proofing of the school as a whole. I have supplied some of the main developments Merchiston has undertaken throughout the years, ensuring that Merchiston remains as a forerunner in the schooling arena: