We have three Merchiston Aftercare Centres – MACC1, MACC2, MACC3 – each with their own supervisor and a number of assistants and helpers.

On offer are numerous options to suit and accommodate all needs. We have a caring policy at our school and there is no better evidence of this than at our Aftercare facilities. Our boys are very special to us and we try to create a ‘home from home’ environment with plenty of TLC for each individual need.

The boys are kept happy and well occupied with a wide range of toys, games and equipment.

We understand that working parents are under tremendous pressure and we are happy to alleviate some of this stress by supervising some of the pupils’ homework, leaving more quality time available at home.

For further information regarding times and costs, please contact Aftercare on 033 342 1838 and you will be assisted with the necessary forms and details.