Merchiston Old Boys Association


In the spirit of The Blue Heart, and with the purpose of fostering a sense of pride, community and continuity, we have formalised a Merchiston Old Boys Association (MOBA). The MOBA’s focus will be on regular communication with the aim of carrying forward the school’s heritage and developing a true spirit of loyalty and love for the school. We want to keep Old Boys in touch with our school and each other and assist in maintaining friendships. We are exceptionally proud of our Old Boys and want to foster a continued sense of belonging to the Merchiston community.

The Blue Heart

In 2014, Merchiston launched an initiative called “The Blue Heart” which encompasses five fingers, or philosophies, which formally define five different aspects of the school. They inform how everyone who is a part of the Merchiston community behaves. The Blue Heart has fast become the heart of the school, unifying all of us as a family and enabling us to show care, kindness and consideration to all who pass through our doors. It links us through good times and bad, through the past and the future and ensures that we become all that we can be. The five fingers on the hand, include: CARE, SUPPORT, MENTORSHIP, OUTREACH & FOUNDATION.


The Foundation philosophy of The Blue Heart represents exactly that – the foundations upon which the school has been built and from which it continues to grow. This encompasses the deep history, traditions, heritage, and past pupils of the school, which all contribute to Merchiston’s esteemed reputation as a highly-regarded preparatory school for boys. The Foundation finger of The Blue Heart has led us to set up a formal Old Boys Association, to foster better and clearer communication.

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Social media is a great way for us to connect and interact with Old Boys, promote fellowship and maintain a link with the school’s history and future, regardless of where our Old Boys may reside. We have a new Facebook page for the Old Boys Association, which is being run and administered by the school. Please like the page and send on to any Old Boys you may know. There is another Old Boys page which is not the correct or official page, so please make sure you LIKE the correct new page: Old Boys Association on Facebook


We will be sending a regular newsletter “The Old Mudrats Chat” to all Old Boys on our database, keeping them in touch with the school and our news and achievements, but more importantly, serving to regularly connect our Old Boys to each other and the school.

To join the Old Boys Association, please complete the form below. To sign up for the newsletter, click on the following link: Newsletter

We would also welcome any memories, stories, or anything of interest from Old Boys out there for us to share with the rest of the community. We hope to see the Old Boys Association grow from strength to strength so that we can connect with more and more past pupils of our incredible school.

Merchiston Old Boys Association Database

We are starting an Old Boys database and would appreciate it if you would take the time to complete and submit the following form. This will enable us to keep you up to date with happenings at Merchiston. If you are currently in touch with any other Old Boys of our school, please encourage them to also register by directing them to this page.

Old Boys Association Registration