Old Boys News

Merchiston and the ‘Blue to Gold’

As Merchiston Preparatory School celebrates its 130th birthday this year, we are excited to announce the Blue to Gold project.

To protect the blue ethos of Merchiston, we have the pleasure of announcing that the Blue to Gold Bank account has been opened in honor of Mr Dave Beetar.

The model is simple yet effective.  I ask that you subscribe as an old boy/ex parent or current parent. The monthly debit order is R130 rand only. This amount will remain constant.

Funds raised will be ring-fenced and utilized for the construction of our Dave Beetar multipurpose indoor sports center. The demand for specialist sporting academies has grown to such an extent that Merchiston believes in the value of allowing our boys both present and future to be subjected to professional coaching techniques.

As Old Boys – when your subscription is open, you will be awarded with the ‘Old Merchistonian’ headwear.

As ex/current parents – when your subscription is open, you will be awarded with a friend of Merchiston tie or scarf.

Please note that this subscription entitles all that sign up to a section 18A tax certificate.

We take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and interest in the Flagship we call Merchiston Preparatory School.