At Merchiston Preparatory School, we believe that sport plays a pivotal role in the education of boys. Teamwork, discipline, grit, determination and good sportsmanship are but a few qualities that our coaching staff strives to instill in our boys at all times.

The Merchiston Sports Philosophy hails:


Winning cannot be our ultimate goal. Our success will be our process.

This means that we aim at teaching our boys all the basic fundamentals that are critical in playing sport. We try to do the “little things” right and we believe that if we do this, we will be successful.

At Merchiston, we run a 4-tier system of sport. By this we mean that we offer the boys four different but closely interwoven vehicles in which to improve their sporting abilities.


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Welcome Letter 2021

Dress Code 2021

Sports Programme 2022

Physical Education

This forms part of the syllabus and each class receives Physical Education lessons during school time. Our Physical Education specialist teachers run a programme designed to mirror and complement our extra-mural programme. Each boy in the senior primary undergoes a fitness test twice a year. These results are sent home with the reports, and serves as motivation for boys to improve their fitness.

Extra-mural Sport

This is the after-school component of our sporting programme. Each boy takes part in at least one extra-mural activity per term. Sports currently being offered at Merchiston are athletics, basketball, cricket, cross-country, hockey, rugby, soccer, squash, swimming and tennis. In addition to this, boys can also take part in: Chess, Art Club, Speech & Drama Club, and Choir.

Specialised Coaching

This is run after extra-mural sport and is designed to give individual or small group instruction to boys in various sporting disciplines. It is run privately and parents can elect to sign their son up for this level of sport.


All our boys have the opportunity to improve their core fitness and strength during early morning or afternoon sessions, supervised by various specialists. These conditioning sessions are aimed at improving strength, explosive power, endurance and core stability. Conditioning has far reaching benefits both on the sports field and in the classroom.