Our Academic Ethos


Merchiston Preparatory School offers a modern and progressive syllabus with an emphasis on the importance of hard work and commitment. Self-discipline, a healthy work ethic and a love of learning are fostered in our institution. Our rich, broad and balanced education ensures our boys are achievers with the necessary acquired skills to compete in an ever-changing world. Your child’s experiences at school are as important as those he has with his family and within his peer group.

A Character Building Education


The boys are developed mentally, physically and socially through a child-centred approach to teaching and learning. We instill the ethos and values that have been the hallmark of our Merchiston education for many years, so that our boys become familiar with the fundamentals necessary to become “Fine Young Gentlemen”.

Subjects Offered:

  • Afrikaans
  • Computers
  • Creative Art
  • EMS
  • English
  • Geography
  • History
  • Life Skills
  • Mathematics
  • Media Studies
  • Music
  • Natural Science
  • Physical Education
  • Science and Technology
  • Social Science
  • isiZulu

Remedial Services

Our Remedial Unit was formed in 2000 in order to meet the needs of an increasing number of boys requiring specialised intervention. Merchiston offers remedial classes to boys from Grades 2 to 4. Our aim is to equip each child with the skills needed, in order for him to reach his full potential and successfully integrate back into a mainstream class, while mastering basic literacy and numeracy skills, restoring confidence and developing a healthy attitude towards learning.

Our Remedial Classes Offer:

  • Specialist educators
  • A Specialised Programme to develop Literacy and Numeracy Skills
  • Small classes which ensure individual attention in a supportive environment
  • A complete education which equips each child with the skills to reach his potential
  • A flexible curriculum syllabus, which aligns itself with the mainstream classes, catering for individual special needs, whilst at the same time meeting the Education Department requirements for each grade, in order to make the transition back into mainstream as smooth as possible
  • Full integration with the mainstream peers in assemblies, playground areas and extra-mural activities
  • A curriculum which includes lessons in Computers, Physical Education, Media, Music, Drama, Zulu, Life Skills, Speech and Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy

Support Services

Occupational Therapy

Small groups of boys from our Remedial Classes receive group therapy once a week from our resident Occupational Therapist. Fine and Gross motor difficulties and visual motor integration receive attention during this time. Mastered visual perceptual skills are essential for the development of good spelling and listening skills. Assessments are completed at school with the input of staff and parents. Therapy for mainstream boys also takes place during the school day.

Speech Therapy

Small groups of boys from our Remedial Classes receive therapy once a week from our resident Speech Therapist. Difficulties with language skills, comprehension tasks, word finding, auditory discrimination, sequencing, analysis and synthesis, and more, are dealt with during this time. Assessments are completed at school with the input of staff and parents. Therapy for mainstream boys also takes place during the school day.

Private Remedial Lessons

Remedial tuition is offered by a privately contracted teacher who tutors the children individually or in small groups. Assessments are completed at school with the input from staff and parents. These lessons do not form part of our Remedial Unit Programme, but are available for mainstream learners and for special reinforcement for learners requiring additional tutoring.

Counselling Services

Counselling services are available to all children at the school. An Educational Psychologist is available to see children for a wide range of challenges that they may be facing in their daily lives. Some reasons for referral include coping with social and behavioural difficulties, bullying, barriers to learning, anger, anxiety, depression, bereavement, self-esteem issues and assertiveness training. The psychologist also works with parents and teachers so as to create a collaborative approach to problem solving. All children are afforded the opportunity to share any emotional burdens that they may be carrying.