Welcome to IMPS


Merchiston’s Pre-Primary (Grade RRR, RR and R) is known as IMPS – Infant Merchiston Preparatory School. IMPS has one Grade RRR class, three Grade RR classes and four Grade R classes. The highly qualified and experienced staff work closely together to ensure that the boys enjoy a well-balanced learning programme and have plenty of opportunities to learn through play.
Play is the highest form of research. –  Albert Eienstein
The well-equipped pre-primary unit, which is fully fenced within Merchiston’s grounds, allows boys to visit various play areas including sandpits, jungle gyms, cricket nets, a cycling track, a fantasy play area, a construction area, a creative area and a variety of sensopathic trays.
Boys also enjoy specialist lessons every week. These include music; computers; library; psycho-motor; PE and sport. The boys learning is further extended with outings, regular visitors to the school, fun dress up days, parent and grandparent visits, assemblies, bicycle days, baking, dance days, messy play, galas and sports days.
Childhood isn’t meant to replicate adult life – sitting at desks day after day. Moving, exploring, running and activity are what children need to thrive. That is where they learn how the world works and their place in it. Let them move! – Karen DeBeus
The Grade R boys are introduced to formal maths through the ‘Number Sense’ programme. This approach to maths is very practical and provides the boys with hands-on and fun ways to both problem solve and develop a good understanding of numbers.
The English learning programme is based on the ‘Time2Read’ system. This is also a very practical approach to learning and allows the boys to work at their own pace. It also allows them to enter their formal schooling years with a wonderful understanding of sounds and words.
There are many little ways to enlarge your child’s world. Love of books is the best of all. – Jacqueline Onassis
While the atmosphere at IMPS is relaxed and fun, the boys, who are being prepared to enter more formal schooling, are encouraged to be independent and are expected to be well-mannered and respectful to those around them.
Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot. – Judge Thomas