Specialised Coaching is offered at Merchiston to extend our boys’ skill, speed and endurance in various sporting disciplines. This is run after extra-mural sport and is designed to give individual or small group instruction to boys in their sport of choice. It is run privately and parents can elect to sign their son up for this level of sport should they wish. Every coaching session is meticulously planned and well-executed to ensure our boys reap the full benefits, which include being challenged and extended, growing their love for their chosen sport, engaging in fun and learning from top-level coaches.

CF Tennis

Specialised tennis coaching is offered at Merchiston through CF Tennis. The boys who elect to take part in these extra lessons benefit from a firm grounding in the basics of the sport, including expert instruction on forehands, backhands, volleys and serves. In a fun and structured environment, our boys get to stay active and fit through the enjoyment of the game.

Core Conditioning

All our boys have the opportunity to improve their core fitness and strength during early morning or afternoon sessions, supervised by various specialists. These conditioning sessions are aimed at improving strength, explosive power, endurance and core stability. Conditioning has far reaching benefits both on the sports field and in the class room.

Cricket Academy

Our Cricket Academy offers boys a fun learning environment in which to better their skill, co-ordination and agility. From the basics of batting, bowling and fielding to speed and fitness drills, our boys get to benefit from expert coaches who help foster an enjoyment and love of cricket.

Rugga Rats

The school offers its boys the opportunity to be a part of a rugby academy, called Rugga Rats, that runs the full year from February to November. The dedicated academy coaches teach our boys the basics of rugby as well as the necessary skills required to play the sport at the highest level.

Swim Rats

Merchiston is well-renowned for its dominance in the local swimming arena. In addition to extra-mural swimming, we also run a swimming club called Swim Rats. During these sessions, our professional coach caters for swimmers of all levels, from Learn to Swim to Elite swimmers.