Culture and Clubs
at Merchiston


Merchiston Preparatory School believes wholeheartedly in the importance of a well-balanced education. Our boys are offered a number of opportunities to be involved in arts and culture, both in class and as extra-mural activities. During the year, boys can take part in a number of productions, exhibitions and Eisteddfods.

As a school, we believe that the arts teach our boys a number of important lessons, essential to their development:


  • Creativity, imagination and communication
  • The freedom of expression, in all forms
  • The value of experimentation
  • Self-expression and self-confidence
  • Listening, feeling, sensing and moving
  • Teamwork, cohesiveness and connectivity
  • Self-awareness and awareness of others


Merchiston believes that the teaching of Art provides the boys with a number of very important developmental benefits. Apart from fine motor skills, it helps to develop their decision making, problem solving and critical thinking skills. Art teaches children how to interpret and use visual information to enable them to make their own choices. They are encouraged to be inventive and take calculated risks. The boys are offered the opportunity to learn to understand that people have differing opinions and the value of differing cultural perspectives. Art allows the boys to develop a sense of self-expression and gives them chance to make their own decisions and experiment with their imaginations.


Chess continues to grow at Merchiston Preparatory School. Both the junior and senior boys thoroughly enjoy attending practices in the afternoons and they especially enjoy learning new chess moves. During the course of the year, our senior chess teams are afforded the opportunity of testing their skills against teams from various other schools.


At Merchiston, we have both a Junior Choir and a Senior Choir. Our boys have performed on numerous occasions, much to the delight of the audiences. The Merchiston Senior Choir is well-known and is often called upon to perform at certain functions. It also participates in local competitions as well as performing at the school’s annual Prize-Giving Ceremony.


All boys from Grades R to 7 attend weekly Music lessons. They are taught the elements of music and music appreciation through singing, playing and learning about instruments, playing games, movement and listening to music. Learning to play certain instruments is offered as an optional extra. Every year ‘Talking Drums’ visits Merchiston and all boys from Grade RRR to Grade 7 participate in the rhythmical playing of Djembe drums! These sessions encourage listening skills, promote self confidence and break down barriers in a fun environment.

Percussion Orchestra

Participation in the Percussion Orchestra is an extra–mural activity offered to the Senior Primary boys. The boys are exposed to the all sorts of percussion instruments such as Djembe drums, Marimbas and box drums as well as tambourines, shakers and triangles! Boys who play other instruments are encouraged to try and incorporate their musical talents into the percussion sessions in readiness for performances at the weekly assemblies.

Speech and Drama

We offer boys in both the Foundation and Senior Phases the opportunity to participate in a number of productions and events which cover the broad spectrum of our country’s rich cultural heritage. These range from drama productions and Eisteddfods, to musical presentations and story-telling. We endeavour to provide as many opportunities as possible for learners to develop their confidence, their communication skills, as well as their performance skills. We believe that creativity and dramatic expression is not only fun, but also develops self-worth and builds confidence. Merchiston also firmly believes in the value of exposing our students to professional theatre productions.